In January 2017, God prompted Adrienne Young to do a virtual Bible study via Facebook Live. Although she prayed for 100 women to join, God grew the group to over 3,000! From the 3,000, He chose a remnant of sixteen women representing five states (NC, SC, GA, VA, FL), with diverse backgrounds, and a hunger for God. This remnant prayed and fasted 10 days for their next step with God, and He birthed Remnant Warriors Global, Inc. We have been called to equip women to walk in their calling with kingdom authority.

Organization History

December 2016 - Adrienne was led by God to do a virtual Bible study on Facebook Live and prayed for 100 women to join.

January 2017 - When Women Pray Bible Study started on the first Wednesday, and over 3,100 women joined!

February 2017 - God shifted the Bible study to focus on Spiritual Warfare for the remaining six weeks of the study.

February 2017 - In an impromptu Facebook Live on a Saturday night, Adrienne shared some pertinent information on spiritual warfare that she received from Kat Ponds. Sixteen women were chosen from that Facebook study, and God birthed Remnant Warriors Global, Inc.

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Vision, Mission, and Calling


To be the most sought out nonprofit for empowering and equipping women in spiritual warfare.


Our mission is for every woman and girl across the globe to know how powerful they are in God.


R aising the Next Generation

E quipping Future Leaders

M entoring God's Daughters

N avigating the Scriptures

A ctivating Spiritual Gifts

N urturing the Soul

T raining Warriors

Adrienne Young

Meet The Founder

In every area, in every assignment, and without hesitation, I am compelled to obey God no matter what. I am called to a life of intercession, and at the end of my journey, I will die empty and hear God say "Well done my good and faithful servant."

- Adrienne Young, Chief Visionary Warrior

The Founding Warriors

Latasha Anderson

Mona Cunningham

Dee Dee Gaines

Kat Ponds

Wanda Bailey

Brittany Graham Brooks

Samantha S. Gaither

Victoria Gilbert

Jasmine Hardy

Monique Knight-Bryan

Viva Lewis-Harris

Edwina Perrin